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my 2 1/2 suddenly won't go to sleep in this bed! HELP

  • For the past 6 months I have been amazed at my little one who would just kiss me goodnight,close the door to his bedroom,go to bed and stay there asleep for 12 hours a night. suddenly, out of the blue, he refuses to go to bed. he just lays on his door step and falls asleep there. I then put him back in his bed once asleep.I have been trying the super nanny trick, putting him back over and over again. it just aggravates him, and he screams his lungs out,waking up his older sister. it doesn't work. any advice??
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by FrenchMama on 17th September 2008
  • Personally, I don't see anything wrong with letting him fall asleep on the door step and then moving him to his bed. Just talk up the fact that big boys sleep in big boy beds and he should start back sleeping in his bed pretty soon.
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  • My guy is 3 and does the same thing. He wants to sleep in our bed with us. So, we've come up with a compromise. He can fall asleep in our bed (so he doesn't keep his brother awake) and we move him when we go to bed. If he comes back in the night, we walk him to his own room. He can come in with us in the morning.

    I've noticed more nights now when he asks for "his bed". I think some of it because he's sharing a room with his brother. I believe this is a phase and he'll get over it sometime before he turns 4.

    Has something changed in his room or sleeping environment or bedtime routine?
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  • I think we have all experienced this. Unfortunely , the only thing I have seen to work is the process of , just putting him back in the bed. No matter how many weeks it takes. Finally he will understand that he has to stay there. I went through the same periods with my daughter and as long as you never break your cycle of putting him in it will eventually work.
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  • thank you all for your suggestions! Just read them now because guess what? One night I was putting him back in his bed about 50 times and then I got stuck. Yes stuck with an excruciating lower back pain. Been going through treatments, doctors, Xrays and finally MRI friday. Seeing the orthopedist who believes I have an herniated disk. maybe I could sue Supernanny! I am kidding but I am not laughing. Been out of work, on bed rest for 3 weeks now, doctors treating the pain but not the cause and I am going through crying, then optimistic, then afraid I am going to remain invalid, not able to take care of kids, losing my job, this is a living hell, not to mention that I am always in pain, or high from Oxycodone. I hate meds..I hate this....
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