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  • My daughter is always asking to do arts and crafts and we're both getting bored with the foam sticker/glitter/Klutz kits (it also gets expensive to keep buying that stuff). What quick crafts do you do that just use what you have at home? I need ideas:)
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  • How about making crazy animals outof egg cartons. They did this in class yesterday, So cute.
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  • Oh, good one -- so did they just color them up or stick stuff on them?
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  • Hmmm. Usually with crafts I just keep Pidge stocked in the basics: paper, crayons, sissors, glue sticks, scotch tape and let her go at it. You could make paper chains. paper plates and paper bags are fun to play with.

    Family Fun magazine is always a good resource. All their stuff is online. And I like Kiddley . It's been resting for over a year but there's good content and links there.
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  • We make a lot of "salzteig" - it's a self-made clay that gets hard as a rock. We use cookie cutters or cut out our own shapes, let them dry and bake them in the oven for about one hour at 300 degrees, then paint them. When you punch a tiny hole at the top of each shape (before baking), you can hang the decorated shapes in the kids' rooms or use as x-mas-tree-decoration. We've made dinosaurs, pigs, owls, butterflies, etc.
    Use 1 cup of salt, 2 cups of flour, 1 tsp. oil and add very little water until dough is plyable.
    And if you really want to get creative, go to (I know, shameless self-promotion...)

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  • They did both, They had the pipe cleaner wires that are colorful and fuzzy for legs and then the had puff balls glues on and my daughter had an M&M on the head. it was so cute.. I will have to see if I can get a picture and tag it here for you to see.
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  • I love to do craft projects with my kids on weekends. They really enjoy the time together. Some simple ideas tie-die T-shirts, Christmas ornaments, and puppets. There is a great site I go to for new ideas: , they seem to add hundreds of ideas every week (I also craft with out my kids).
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  • If you want some free newsletters that feature craft ideas for kids and recipes that are kid friendly check out for a list.
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  • I encouraged my kids to make something out of a letter, that starts with that letter. For example, I drew a large S and told them to make a snake out of it. Or a snowman...check the link for pictures!
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