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  • I work from home setting phone appointments and setting up accounts for an INC.500 international wellness company and I do it while home schooling my 4 kids! When I want to take them to the zoo....we just go! No asking for time off and no loss of pay! When I feel like having a jammie day - we have a jammie day and I work my business in my jammies! Since gas and food prices are eating us alive with such a big family, I LOVE that I did not have to invest anything in this business, do home parties or sell products. I truly do work in my home, around our home schooling and family schedule with just my phone and computer. I love to share this business with other moms, and really enjoy showing others how they can do it too! so please feel free to visit my site or email me at for more information!

    I really would love to show you how you can stay home too!

    -Jill Rogers
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  • I'm glad you are sharing your story, we all love to hear how others are making it. I wasn't expecting it to fill all 3 pages of the most recent discussions though :-p

    I can't afford to quit my job and do this kind of thing. I need guaranteed income. Especially now that my boyfriend of 7 years and father to my daughter decided to walk out on us 3 weeks ago. I would love the flexibility of an at-home job though. I just don't think it's practical for my situation.
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  • Hi Marcia.

    I am always looking for possible work at home opportunities also. I am so sorry to hear that you are going through some rough times. I hope you have support and things get better very soon.

    Take care.
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  • Hey Marcia,

    I noticed you haven't been posting as much and I am sorry it is due to some rough times at home. You have always been so supportive of me and my business, so please let me know if we can help out in anyway (your little one is getting too big for my clothing range...but if we expand she will be our first "product tester";)!!

    I am still working from home with my little clothing business, but it is tough going and definitely not a guaranteed income! There are ups and downs and right now I need to figure out some way to expand without spending too much on inventory! I have people requesting new designs and different colorful products....and thats when it gets hard...that balance between spending in order to make money!!!

    I don't think anything comes easy anymore!!!
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  • I know and I definately need the support right now to be strong for myself.

    Linda, I still have the link to you on my blog and on my CafeMom page for all to see :)

    I hope everyone that has their own business or work at home job does well. I really envy that and hope that one day I'll be able to do something as well. I may be up for a new position in my company soon, this will hopefully give me a raise so I can better support myself and my daughter. Lots of prayers are welcome :)
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  • Hi Everybody!
    I'm myla. Just like all of you, im also a mom (with 1 baby girl of mine, one 3yrs old stepson, 2 teenagers stepchildren).Since i got married last 2006, i committed myself to take care of my baby, stepson, husband and stepchildren. A day is occupied taking of my baby and toddler boy, giving their needs and clean up their mess everytime they decide to do another thing and by 3pm i need to prepare dinner for my husband and us. My toddler really demands alot of my attention. But despite of this bussiness, i still wanting a home-based business. After along time of searching for a home business, i finally found one. I like my home business, the flexibility of it, low startup costs, affordable,fun to do and profitable. Right now, im still on it. i commit myself to work for my home business at 5-6 hours aday and on times of the day that im not busy or when my babies are sleeping or watching preschool DVD's. Actually, bec of this business, i , with the support of my husband, i open a little shop here in our residence featuring my business and other novelty items. I like what im doing now even if i stopped my teaching carrer for years now. I just want to encourage everybody to just move on and take and do things as it comes everyday.:biglol:
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  • Hi Marcia.

    You have my prayers and best wishes! I hope you get the new position!
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  • I have started an internet business selling science kit subscriptions for kids. The kits are delivered to your house on regular intervals and are educational and fun. They make great gifts for birthdays, christmas, and other occasions. The website address is
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