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Winter wardrobe shopping: what are you buying for your kids?

  • Are you shopping for winter clothes for your child/children? What are you liking? Which stores are you checking out? I really like Kohls's mix and match long tops and leggings for toddler girls. I stood there the other night mixing and matching and in the end couldn't decide which I liked best... so I went home with nothing. :)
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  • Ohhh....this is where I find myself buying into the stereotype about boys and how I don't have to invest a lot of effort in shopping for my son because he is not at all fashion conscious. In fact, I buy clothes at a nice consignment-y kind of shop we have in our town, and it's been working out great. So what if the clothes sometimes look a little used, and they are not always the most fashionable clothes. But heck, his own brand-new clothes look used eventually! And things like sweatpants for an 8 year old don't have to be super trendy. And if he ends up getting the ubiquitous hole in the pants leg or outgrows something faster than expected, no biggie b/c I didn't spend a lot on them to begin with. - Paula.
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  • Since i reside in an island here in AK, it is practical to buy clothes online and i like Target but people here in our island are so good that every now and then someone will knock that your door giving you clothes coming from friends of your friends. It's really cool!:up:
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  • I like the mix-and-match tops/leggings options, too, but I really like The Children's Place, Hanna Anderson, etc. I find there's less shrinkage/color fading and it's easier to get stains out. It means sale shopping, but fortunately I've got for that!
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  • Ooh, I prefer used clothes too. The downside is you can't get just what you'd like your kiddo to wear. I just got my 2 yr old a great buy: two pairs of brand new Children's Place footie fleece jammies for winter - new with tags on but only $4 and $5 each at a used clothing store!!
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  • Found a great deal at Kole's about a month ago-they marked down all their tights to $1.20
    and $2.40 great to wear with skirts or a dress to school in cooler weather. Great deal. She picked up one of every color they had. A new sweater and some long sleeve shirts to add
    to what she already has. Oh and another skirt.
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  • My problem is my 8 year old daughter will not wear pants. At 2 she decided Barbie didn't wear pants and that was it. Of course she now knows that is just silly, but it has been so long since she has worn pants that they feel uncomfortable. So, I have a hard time finding clothes for her. I usually start at the consignment store and go from there.
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