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Poop rules

  • I have to share a funny story about poop. It didn't feel very funny last night but now it is. Last night my 4 year old son was having a hard time sleeping. I cuddled him, stroked his foreheard, carried him, rocked him but hekept tossing and turning and crying. When I asked him what was wrong he said something hurts but he couldn't tell me what. He finally said his bum hurts and I asked him if he had to take a poop. So at 3am (after 3 hours of this torment for both of us) he went potty. He returned with a big smile on his face and went promptly to sleep. I'm ready for bed now and hopefully he is too. Maybe I should have him sit on the potty first though!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cindy Schulson on 2nd October 2008

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