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recession-proof little luxuries

  • Hi --

    I'm Heather Lalley, a freelance writer for The Associated Press (and also the WAHM of a preschooler ...). I'm working on a piece about the little luxuries we can't live without, even in this terrible economy. Maybe it's your daily latte, or an occasional manicure. Maybe it's a night at the movies or even a movie rental. I'd love to hear your little luxury for the story I'm working on. I'd also love to hear if there's anything you've had to give up because of the current economic situation.

    Thanks for your time ... You can e-mail me at heatherlalley(at)
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  • I love to enjoy playgrounds with my little babe, 14 mos. I don't even think about the gas to drive there. I enjoy movies in, because I like to relax at home, easier too. I love a nice warm shower, where I can spend time uninterrupted.
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