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Is the drop in economy costing you work?

  • I`m just curious as to how other freelance moms are finding this. Are you being affected by the economy work-wise? I`m a writer and so far I`ve had just as much or even more work than before, but my father is making dire predictions and telling me that I won`t be able to continue to earn a living this way soon. :S Thoughts?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Genesis on 7th October 2008
  • I can see that this economy is costing me work as a personal trainer. People are so scarred from the news. too bad for them.
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  • Yes, I've lost work! I'm a writer, too. I'm trying to write a post about this right now for WorkItMom. Thanks for the question.

    Doesn't the world need writers?... Even if we're web content writers?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Rachel S. on 16th October 2008
  • I haven't seen a drop in work yet but I don't think I'll be getting much new business in the coming months. This has been a hot topic in my industry - voice over - and many of the folks who do their vo for radio stations are seeing a big drop in work. One man was even talking about how stations are asking vo's to cut their rates and boy, did that lead to some heavy discussion.

    I can see how the fitness industry would be hit because for some people that is not a necessary expense. Sadly, of course. I haven't seen a drop in my yoga students yet, either, but my prices are really low to accommodate my community and the already hard hit economy here.

    SMS: yes, the world needs writers. I wonder, however, if the people hiring are going to keep their money with the reliable writers? Fortunately for you, you are one of them!

    Most companies are scaling back right now and I think we'll all feel that crunch in one form or another. Look at it this way - more time to spend on Work It, Mom!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 17th October 2008
  • I'm seeing a big drop. I am a graphic designer, and most of my clients work in the spa industry. People aren't spending as much on spa services these days, so spa owners are trying to do their own marketing to save money. It's a bummer. I've taken on a new consulting position in a totally different industry, child care, to make up for the loss.
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