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Burning the candle at both ends

  • Hi. I'm new here. Just wondering how many other working moms out there are working two jobs. I have four kids so everyone at both jobs seems to think I've lost my mind! I do what I have to do. And the truth is that I love working. I am much better suited to working outside the home than being a homemaker. If I were a man I would be praised for being such a hard working provider. But a co worker actually had the gall to ask me if I feel guilty for being at work so much. I told her, "Not as guilty as I would feel if my kids had to live in a rundown shack with no electricity, no food, and rags on their backs!"
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  • Welcome!

    I don't work two jobs but I work a LOT. Sure, sometimes I feel guilty, but like you, I am proud to provide for the family, I enjoy the intellectual and creative stimulation of working, and I'd be horrible and annoying person to be around if I didn't work.
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  • I work two jobs -- I don't feel guilty, though I DO feel tired sometimes, since I do much of the work on my second job from home after the kids are in bed. Which also means that the kids get pretty much exactly the same amount of Mama Time as they would if I only worked one job. So, no, no guilt -- but I also feel happy and productive and inspired by my second job. Yeah, and the not-living-in-a-rundown-shack thing is good, too (I'm the breadwinner for our household).
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  • I think its great that you know that you are better suited to work outside the home.
    Every mom is different and we need to honor that.
    I myself could not hang with working full time but my best friend is a much better mom because she works full time...she sucked at staying home..she felt trapped and bored and it showed inthe way she parented and kept her home. Now working she is a fun mom with great boundries and a housekeep lol
  • I also work two jobs, (sorta). I work FT in Corporate America and PT with my home business. I do want to leave the Corporate world soon, but I will still work just as hard. The only difference is I will be working for myself and creating my dreams instead of someone else's. So, don't feel guilty. Providing for your family and teaching them not to be afraid of hard work is important.

    BELIEVE Success!

    Lisa Willard
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  • I work two jobs at home and don't feel bad at all about it. We have bills to pay!
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  • I too have 4 children, but 2 are moved away from home. Doesn't mean that you don't have to do for them anymore. Honestly I think that you have more than 2 jobs. You are a mother, provider, housekeeper, at times taxi driver, a cook, etc. etc. I also run a business out of my house. I like being at home but on the other hand I like the routine of a job outside the home. I think whatever makes you happy and your children are not suffering GO FOR IT!!!!
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  • Don;t exactly feel guilty, we have our own business which although it takes a LOT of time from both my husband & I, it also allows me to be with my sone more, even if at work. He get of the bus at our business, does his home work in the office, then helps out or plays. I feel bad for my son sometimes because he doesn't have a "normal life" he doesn't get to hang out at home - but then again our shop IS home in many respects.
    I used to work out, and when I ask him which HE would rather have - he says the business. He knows it means certain times of the year we work 7 days a week for months on end, but also knows that he comes home to HIS space, not to a sitter or day care andeven at 8 he feels that it is worth the trade off. But each kids / family is different. He is very adaptable and like us, can change paths at the drop of a hat. He also loves that on occassion he can go on a job with mom or dad - something that would not happen if I was back in the outside work world.
    As for me I have to work outside the home - I am not a homemaker on full time level - I would go crazy. I feel I have the best of both world I have a job to get up and go to, with outside interaction with other people, but I still have the benefits of working with family - which PS requires a very strong marriage, which am happy to say I have.
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