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Anyone curious about tummytucks??

  • I got mine, I got mine, just wanted to share it with you all... soooo excited.. and heck after my kids.. and all my work, I thought mmmmmn, a little something for me... a tummy tuck.. thrilled and would do it all over again, for my 40th this year got my belly button pierced to go with it... I am a crazy momma!!! hugs to you all
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  • Wow. I'm jealous. I really need one so bad. I think about it all he time My stomach is absolutely disgusting. Is it rude to ask how much it cost?
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  • no Pam, not rude at all... I learned through all my consults that a tt, without adding anything else in the DC area ranges 6500 to 13.000 ..different areas Plastic surgery cost different.. so it also depends on who and where you go to get it done..I know a girl who paid $4 k for it.. I was like shoot I needed her ps.. LOL. I added even more, heck while your putting this chickypoo under I might as well get those breast lifted too..hehehe LOL, and never in a million years did I actually think I was going to be able to do it.. but, I did.. its a mind set.. if you say your going to get it done, then eventually it really happens, I use to say when I hit the lottery .. when I .. when I, then one day I said to my dh, I am going on consults, and I am getting a tt, it all changed for me.. I wored towards my goal, and saved.. theirs a great forum that can help you with your tummytuck quesions, for any that are interested in tummytucks..and you can post questions too things your curious about ...
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  • wow a belly button piercing? wow that's cool. did that hurt more than the tummy tuck?
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  • cool chick... LOL, no way did the piercing hurt more then the TT... when you get a tt, you get great pain killers, so their really isnt pain.. cause your all drugged up, thank goish for those!!! and well, good golly no painkillers after, and none needed.. 2 seconds of ouch.. and that was it... I really need to figure out how to add my before photos to that video heheheheheh LOL
    thanks for commenting
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  • Hi, that's cool! I've always wanted one.

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  • Congratulations....wish I had mine done too. Looks great. I want one too.
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