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Music that helps me sleep while pregnant!!

  • I found out about 3 weeks ago that I am about 60 days pregnant. Both my husband and I are thrilled! However I haven't been able to sleep at ALL this time, since finding out.... I used to take a sleeping pill to get to sleep but can't do that any longer. So, I set out on a journey to find some natural methods to de-stress so that I can rest and nurture a healthy baby.

    A mother of 3 told me about a meditational chant CD that she swears by. I bought it online and tried it and I am now sleeping like a baby (no pun intended ha ha). ABSOLUTELY FELT THE NEED TO SHARE THIS WITH OTHER PREGNANT WOMEN!!!!

    Here's what the website says about it (and its honestly so TRUE!).
    "A collection of chants and mantras specially selected to help carry a healthy and absolutely vital pregnancy. By bringing the emotions under control through changes in the brainwave pattern, both in the morning and evening, expectant mothers are relived of stress, in turn creating a nurturing environment for the fetus"

    You can check it out here iftStatus=false and if you register, then you get other free downloads too (they have a whole lot of destressing really cool mind/body/spirit stuff on their site).
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