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What do you wish you'd done differently in your 20s?

  • A friend of mine is turning 30 and is full of shoulda done this and woulda been better if I'd done this thoughts. So it got me thinking -- if you're 30+, are there things you wish you'd done differently in your 20s?
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  • No! I had so much fun in my 20's! I had fun in college, did some amazing backpacking thru Europe, found a great-paying job (not necessarily a fun job -- but I was into money at the time :) which allowed more travelling across the US!! Lots of fun memories that bring tons of smiles!!

    My 30's were a little harder as we settled down and had kiddies...4 of them!! ...but I wouldn't change much about my 30's either (to date, anyway!) -- still great experiences and awesome memories!!

    Now I am starting to think and look forward to what I can achieve in my 40's!!!!!!!!!!

    Never look back -- its done and you wouldn't be who you are unless you did the things you did!!
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  • I often wish I had changed a few things, decisions I made, relationships, career, etc but I know All those things, good and bad brought me to where I am today, & there is not one thing I would change about my life right now, I have the perfect family, husband, baby & am so glad I waited for the right man to have children with, Having my 1st Baby at almost 40 was perfect! Life is Great! Thanks for remindiing me of that!
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  • I would have appreciated myself and my life more! I owned my own home, was financially independent, had a killer bod -- and had no idea of how good I had it!

    That said, my life now is pretty great, too... :)
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  • Had more fun! I was very insecure and shy. I rarely went out and was afraid of everyone. I wish I just did what I wanted.
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  • I wish when I was younger- I had forethought to see I would not be able to see my family very often moving over two thousand miles away from home. All because my husband thought their be better jobs here. I can never get back the time I wish I had spend with my Mom or my children being able to really know their Grandparents or Aunts, Uncles and cousins. I had never thought about my Mom dying -my grandmother was still here. My Mom passed at age 69 and her Mother -age over age 90. If I could go back and have just one more day-I'd take it in a heartbeat.
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