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  • I don't and was a the NYTimes business summit today and they were talking about partnering up for the tough times. How can we partner up?
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  • What great timing! I've been talking to other voice talents about this, too. I'm eager to see what people come up with for ideas.
  • Hello Vera and Mandy!

    What would you be looking for in a partner(s)?
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  • Great question, SK. LOL *buries head in the sand*

    For me, for now, it's about trying to work with others in the same biz who are compatible. By aligning myself with other VOs that have a different network (and a different sound), we can work our networks to offer our services or even more of our services.

    I'm sure there are other people I could partner with for different aspects of mine and their businesses but I haven't come up with it yet.

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