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  • Makeup can make you feel like a star, or so I've recently found out. I've never really worn makeup before, but 11 months as a mommy has had me feeling tired and frumpy. I started looking into makeup but found that it's terribly expensive to experiment with, especially when you're trying to keep your budget intact.

    As I started looking more and more at proper skin care and make-up, I repeatedly read about how mineral make-up is all the rage, and I found a site where you can order a free (yes, free) sample of mineral make-up. You get to choose any 3 foundation powders, 1 blush, and 1 concealer. All you have to pay is the shipping (a mere $3.13.) I've received 1 round of free samples already and the little containers are just so cute. And if you find something you like, the products aren't too expensive.

    Everyday Minerals - the sample pack is under makeup > custom kits

    If you've already got powders and liquids that you like, how about a new shade of lipstick? I've been wanting to find a lipstick that's as natural as possible (I have oh-so-sensitive skin), and I ran across Honeybee Gardens. Now I haven't had a chance to order any of their samples yet, but at just $0.50 per sample I won't be passing it by.

    Honeybee Gardens

    The best part about these are that they can double as gifts! My sister-in-law loves wearing bold makeup and I plan on getting her some samples to put into a little "Make-over / Spa" bundle for Christmas. It'll be oh-so-cheap and practical as well!

    Does anyone else have any free samples that they've just loved? It's that time of year again, so I'll be looking for stocking-stuffers and small gifts to add to baskets and bundles! It doesn't have to be makeup, either. I've got lots of brothers and sisters-in-law to buy for!
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