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Other people parenting your kids

  • This just really bugs me, although it's not a big deal. Without going into too much detail another mom recently was trying to teach manners to my daughter. UGH! I really hate when people do that -- mind your own business!
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  • Actually, if it bugs you, then it is significant. I can act like a lioness protecting cubs with strangers. I suggest redirecting. Politely interrupt the dialogue and then redirect your daughter's attention like "Oh excuse me. Sweetie, can you come over here and help Mommy to [fill in the blank]."
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  • I am guilty of it but mostly for my sons protection. My son is only 16 months and there have been a couple of times where a 3 year old or so has come up to him and shoved him out of the way, with considerable force. Any time this happens I have crouched down to their level and told them that they should not shove smaller children that this is not acceptable behavior. However, the couple of times that I have done that were only because neither parent was anywhere in sight.
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  • What if it's your own parents? Does that make it more acceptable when they try to parent your kids? In my case, whenever my father tries to tell my son something, I just feel like saying that he didn't do such a great job with his own kids, what makes him an expert?
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  • Okay, so we just had a recent incident where I got VERY upset with another mother and had to yell at her to do something with her child. My friend and I were at the park with our kids, both which are 1 1/2. Our kids were playing with these metal bars that move around and make musical noise attached to the jungle gym. A much older child, about 4, ran from out of nowhere, shoved both our kids to the side and began to not only play with the bars but hit, yes hit, our children. I picked up my son. My friend stopped his arm as he was about to send a hard whack across her little girl's face and told him that these are small children and he should not hit them. The child then proceeded to hit and punch my friend. I turned to the mother and asked her to please do something as her son was hitting our younger children (and now my friend). She shrugged her shoulders. Yes, she simply shrugged her shoulders. I had to start yelling at her to get up ther and stop him because he was going majorly beserk on my friend, she was trapped in the corner and my friend did not want to use any force on this child. The mom finally walked up the jungle gym (slowly) and asked him to come over to her. At which point he threw himself on the ground into another tantrum and the mom walked away. At least this gave time for my friend to grab her daughter and move. So, this is one extreme example of when a parent needs someone to tell them how to parent. Most of the times, its just annoying, but I would never do it if it wasn't necessary.
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  • I totally agree with feeling protective of others trying to teach manners. Especially when it's from someone that doesn't have any kids of their own. I understand that they have the best intentions but even when I didn't have kids, I didn't preach to my friends' kids about their manners. Thanks for the good suggestion Tee_N_DC. Now if I only knew how to tell my mom to butt out with all her unsolicited advice.. :)
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