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  • I am running an online upscale consignment and resale boutique ( I would love to hear any good and sucessful marketing ideas that have worked for anyone in the past.
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  • Congrats on your business? Who is your target audience?
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  • Mainly women ages 24-45 that may or may not have children (since a lot of the inventory is childrens). Basically when it comes down to it, anyone on a budget that loves to shop!
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  • I would highly suggest the following if you already have not.
    1) Get on facebook and create a fan page as well as a group page. Invite all your friends, family and others to join, when they join your group page, you can have a "facebook discount"
    2) Get on twitter and follow other groups that will have something in common with you, also get in on #GNO which stands for Girls Night Out, there you can meet other women who are networking and doing their own blogging and or business ideas
    3) Blog, blog, blog if you don't have a blog, get one, and promote your business that way, I like Google, and you can make money doing it, but I am no where near an expert on this.
    4) Join other networking social media groups such as and join AdGabber and great tools for learning how to market oneself (or business)

    Feel free to friend me if you like and good luck.
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  • I use twitter- username: home4ever

    I also use blogging:


    I buy promotional items like t-shirts, hats, business cards and more.

    And I have just started using list builders- that is looking to be good- you can email to 100's or even 1,000's of people at once. You can also earn money on these sites.

    Check out all my business resources at:

    BTW, that site, is a website I created for those looking for work, or who want to advertise their work. Check it out!
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