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BF in front of small children?

  • Is it ok to do? I'm due to have #2 in August this year and plan to breastfeed at least for the first 6 months (which I did with my daughter). My daughter will be 2 this month, so she'll be about 2 1/2 when the new baby arrives. I'm worried she'll ask a lot of questions and then relay them to the other children in her preschool class. Should I avoid feeding the new baby in front of her? Or do you think I should just do it and hope for the best? If you've been in this situation, what did you do? Thanks!
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  • Oh what a beautiful time for your family! You are in a wonderful position right now to teach your 2 yr old how not to be overly conscientous about something so natural. I have 4 children and breastfed all of them. If you are natural and comfortable about it - trust me so will your 2 yr old. She is too young to even be too curious about what your doing. My advice is to just talk to her and tell her that your feeding the baby and that's it when she asks (if she asks at all). My 2 older children are 12 and 8 when my little ones were born I breast fed in front of my mother and step-father. You have to be comfortable and then everyone else will be. My two older ones never went back to school and talked negatively about me breastfeeding their brothers. to her in a casual, non-chalant way about it by saying your feeding the baby and be natural about it. And never go into hiding when your feeding, it will make her all the more curious. It's all about how you handle it!
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  • What a great way to take advantage of a learning experience for you daughter. I breastfed all of my children and none of them payed any attention to me. If and when they did ask, I simply told them that milk came from my breasts and it was how I fed all of them. They shrugged their shoulders, said ok and went about their merry little way. Friends of ours were over last week and they have a 3 month old little boy. My friend was nursing her baby, she uses a shaw to cover herself, while we were all sitting around the living room talking. Two of my children came downstairs while she was nursing and they paid no attention to her. They asked where the baby was and I told them he was eating. They looked at my girlfriend in a slightly puzzled manner (not sure how she was feeding him when they couldn't see him). My daughter figured it out and said "Oh yeah! She has milk in her breasts and that's how she feeds the baby, right?" I said "Yup!" and she then ran off to play seeing how the baby wasn't available for her to play with. Nursing is a fact of life, it's great that you have the opportunity to teach her about it.
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  • Hm, I think what you're doing is great.
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