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Bad news overload -- anyone else?

  • I used to really like listening to the radio -- NPR - on my way to and from work but recently I've switched to books on CD. I just got really overwhelmed with the endless horrible economic news and am finding now that I am less stressed out when I get home.

    Anyone else limit your news consumption?
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  • I don't watch it anymore. In fact, I get news letters from the board of realtors every day and I delete those before reading, too. Now, at the gym, I get in front of the tv with the E! channel instead of CNN. Actually, it has done wonders for me and my husband. His sales have gone way up at work - now that he doesn't have the message of gloom and doom beating him all day long - and my sales and rentals are picking up, too. Both of us were almost at a standstill because we were falling into the trap of negative thinking from all of the press. I think that this whole crisis that we are in was a self fulfilling prophecy to begin with so we have removed it from our lives and seem to be doing better.
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  • I was discussing this with my husband the other day. I wondered how much our instant news culture is affecting our perception of the financial situation and our actions. It can't be good to hear "ANOTHER GREAT DEPRESSION" shouted from every corner. How much of this crisis can be attributed to the fact that we hear it all the time? I'm by no means saying this is all in our heads, but it's still an interesting question.

    There's a fascinating book called, "The New Brain: How the Modern Age Is Rewiring Your Mind" by Richard Restak. In it he discusses how viewing video of an event is very much like actually being there to your brain. It can have the same effect on your nervous system, although to a lesser degree. I remember that I was reading it during the big tsunami and it was getting video coverage everywhere and all the time. I remember dashing into the bank for something and seeing the footage on the tv inside. And there are tvs everywhere these days. I was in the middle of a big cross-country move so I was already pretty stressed so I consciously limited my exposure.
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