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Look at where they come from is NOT an excuse

  • Are we unique or is the trend in public school systems to protect & coddle kids who have 'less than ideal home lives' ? Why is unacceptable behavior acceptable if the child's home life is a poor one?
    We seem to be seeing an increase in 'violent actions' at younger ages and the students who are from "difficult home lives' have become the golden children judging by the response from the administration - 'you have to understand where they come from' -
    So in other words because I care for my child, teach him right from wrong it is OK for another kids to beat up on him without punishment!!! So exactly what is the "no bullie zone" that school are talking about?
    We have a child who has real behavioral issues - he is very bright and can be very sweet, plays adults like a fiddle, turns on tears like a switch - his negative behavior has drastically affected kids whom he 'befriends' and yet the trained professionals see or do nothing. It is always or poor 'johnny' (psudoname) his dad died it is okay that he beats up 2 boys & a girl this week!! HUH??
    I feel for the child, and the family but that is not an excuse for everything in life. There is another child , same grade, same situation - in fact lost his father the same year - he is not permitted to behave in that manner by his mother, so what gives? Yes, life is unfair , in fact sometimes it sucks - I know my dad died of a massive heartattack when I was 9 - but that was not an excuse for me to run amuck and get away with everything.
    When do the kids and parents who actually give a crap about the type of children we are raising start to have rights?
    Is it wrong to expect that perhaps the school might try and give these kids some good core values and teach them right from wrong, and if the home lives are so horrific then why isn't the school reporting this to child welfare and having these kids removed from this hazardous enviornment?
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  • I think everyone needs to be careful when judging an entire educational system off their own experiences. As an educator, I find it very frustrating to be blamed for EVERYTHING that is wrong with the world.

    Most of us (educators) are doing a good job, or at least the best job that we are allowed to do within the restrictions placed on us by politicians that don't give a crap and don't know what they are doing and have never stepped foot in a classroom as a teacher.

    It'd be nice to be given the benefit of the doubt once in a while, or at least asked respectfully to engage in dialogue about things without being bashed.

    By the way, what are YOU doing about it? If it's such a problem, have you made an appointment to speak to the teacher about it? The administrator?
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  • Yes it is very wrong to expect for the "schools to teach them core values and right from wrong". Schools are not the place for core values and morals, if so we wouldn't have condoms handed out in junior high and our kids being told they come from a blob in space!! These values need to be taught in the home and reflected in the schools. The Golden Rule, should in fact, RULE! If that were the case, we wouldn't be having this discussion. And if schools were required to teach morals, which ones woud they teach? What book would they use? Cuz last time I checked, the most moral of books have been outlawed in our schools...
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  • This is a hard question as I don't believe that schools should raise our kids, the parents should. However, at what point do the schools step in and when are they allowed? If a child is starting fights in school, they should go to the principal and then be suspended if it continues, regardless of the child's home situation. Obviously, the parent(s) should be notified that all of this is going on to see if they can change the behavior long before suspension. But you cannot have other kids endangered or physically attacked when they are trying to get an education, period. All schools are different but mine was very strict with its fighting policies. I think that this is the only thing that the schools may be actually allowed to enforce.
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