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If you were vying for a $500 prize, what kind of business services/products would you want in addition to the cash?

  • Moms In Business Network Announces Winner of $500 Giveaway at

    It's been a great promotion-very successful. This is the first time we did it, and we're definitely planning on doing it more. I'd love to expand the program to a monthly giveaway with a sponsor. This would be a great promotion for anyone wanting to sponsor an "economic stimulus" package for moms in business. The program gives points for the members that are most engaged and active in the organization. It's a win/win because MIBN wins by having more engaged members and the member wins by using the organization to gain education and business building benefits for their business. Our goal now is to incorporate a sponsor into the program. I'm looking for a sponsor that offers products or services that help companies grow and the sponsor can include their service in addition to the $500 in hopes to get the winner to be a client of the sponsor as well as have the promotion to all members. We prefer sponsors who are already represented by a PR firm - they tend to get better results from sponsorship because of their additional marketing resources and expertise. Any ideas? Suggestions welcome.

    As a mom in business - if you were vying for the $500 what kind of business services or products would you want included in addition to your $500 prize?

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