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Potty training help?

  • I'm planning on potty training my 2.5 year old daughter over spring break next month, and I need help! What has worked for you?

    A little info: She is very good at going on the potty, not afraid or anything, when we put her on it. She doesn't use a baby potty, only the regular toilet. She never has accidents as long as she is naked, so she is able to control both her bladder and bowel movements and able to tell us when she has to go. But put some panties on her, and all bets are off. Something about it signals to her that she is "allowed" to go, even though I've told her not to. So I need to figure out how to solve that problem.

    I'd like to be done with daytime diapers SOON, so thanks in advance!
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  • Stuck in the potty-training trenches? Read Nadine's hilarious blog about
    battling this bathroom war (watch videos, and participate in discussions
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  • Wow! That is a dilemna. I am going to share with you the tips another parent gave me that worked. First, she had me put pull ups on my son so that if he went to the bathroom on himself it wouldn't be a problem. It also gives your child the ability to pull the pullups up and down like regular underweat. Then, over the weekend and at night I took him to the bathroom every hour on the hour until he got the message. It is also helpful that the daycare does the same thing. Good luck!
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  • I'll share some recipes that will help. Yes, recipes. First... a big concern here is regularity -- believe it or not. If your child isn't regular your chances of training success significantly DECREASE. Given most diets today kids do not get enough fiber to remain regular. I know it sounds scary -- to have your child "going" more but trust me.

    "Going" regularly is critical as is incorporating “whole” (dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts) into your child’s daily diet. I know, I know "picky eaters" but I've heard it before. I found an answer that is fast and easy (on YOU!) to overcome picky eaters too.

    No, it's not sneaking foods in (that seems to fail too) but presenting the fruits and veggies in a irresistible way to your child. Honestly tempting. Here's one recipe and here's another involving chocolate (raw cacao sweetened naturally with dates) that your child will BEG you for (and you can serve as much as you want!).

    Of course, these can also be used by mommy to shag the extra baggage and I've had a few friends discover that as well! :)

    Good luck!
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