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Sex in the city stars side projects

  • I'm stalking Jason Lewis's career like a hawk. I so want him to do well just so i can see him all the time.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by 8675allycat on 9th April 2009
  • Who? Smith Jarrod? I feel like i have seen him in some thing before brb while i imdb.

    Ok I'm back, it seems that while he is quite the male specimen he doesn't have anything leading and feature length to speak of. But that may change soon since he will be working with more A -listers on future projects
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by sucharush on 9th April 2009
  • Hope fully he's working on more photoshoots like this one:

    And I know for sure he got a made for TV book adaptation on this saturday:
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by coparent on 10th April 2009
  • This movie turned out way better than I thought! Jason Lewis was superrrr hot (like always) and on top of that, the movie had so many exciting twists and turns, I was scared to leave the room for a minute because I didn't want to miss any scenes lol You guys catch it?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mommamojoagogo on 13th April 2009

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