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Getting off the Ground

  • A few years back, a friend suggestted that I take my emergency management writing skills mainstream and start a consulting business that would allow both private corporations/entities and government organizations to contract emergency management planning and publication needs out (to me). As time has gone on, I'm growing more and more interested in doing this and working from home...but I have no capital (would I need anything other than a computer? Doubtful...) and no clue.

    Any advice from moms who started any similar technical writing business would be appreciated. There is a market for this, that much I know...but beyond that, I've no clue how to try to start up, never mind get off the ground!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Phe on 12th May 2009
  • I'm not too sure about your exact field, but I have been a consultant since 1995. The only things I pay for is a computer, business cards, a website, and any networking meetings or conferences I attend. That is the beauty of consulting or coaching, you can literally start with almost zero financial investment. The main investment is your time and energy marketing yourself.

    I would recommend researching other people in your field. Try to find them online. See what they are up to, where they hang out. This will give you an idea of what might be required of you.

    To find clients, contact previous contacts at any jobs you might have had.

    You could also try posting your resume on, LinkedIn and Craigslist and other types of sites. I know many people look to these sites when they are looking for writers in a certain field.
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  • Kimberly, thank you. Marketing myself is going to be a challenge since I've zero experience there, but my resume is on Linkedin! I spent some time building up that profile after I realized how valuable a tool that has the potential to be (thanks to articles on this site). Do you have any marketing strategies/books that you would recommend?
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  • Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson is probably my favorite! I am actually re-reading that again now myself.

    Many people are following the methods outlined in this book. It's an excellent book to start with.

    Also, I do send out a newletter twice a month in which I always include an article related to marketing and other things related to starting a consulting/service business, if you feel you want ongoing ideas. You can sign up at the homepage of my website at http:/
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