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What's your favorite de-stresser?

  • For me, a walk outside or a totally escapist movie (either a really funny one or a thriller) do the trick. What about you?
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  • Good question! for me, it depends mostly on the source of the stress... if i am at work - a short walk or quick chat with a friend (or a short walk AND a quick chat with a friend - at starbucks!).

    At home if i am frustrated or stressed i tend to bake. I like the nearly instant gratification of creating something out of almost nothing. And it's tasty! Normally I dont even care about the finished product, it is more about starting and completing something.

    A movie and/or TV watching, reading a real book, or writing in a notebook with an actual pen (as opposed to computers for any of those things) help relax the 'computer' part of my brain and really engage rusty areas that are longing for some attention. it's like i can actually feel my brain saying THANK YOU! and it's nice :)

    finding time to destress, however, is the tricky part!!
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  • I also like to bake, I"m not a chef or anything like that, But it takes the presure off. Sometimes I just hide out in the tackroom, or mess with the calfs. It takes me to another place. So easy going and peaceful. I think just being outside is enough for me. I"ve tried reading but, as you know as soon as you start on a really good book somebody wants SOMETHING:::::::::::::::: So just hide out it works the best for ME.
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  • My favorite way to destress to head to the local park on my lunch break. I take my lunch, my Bible, and my prayer journal and sit by the pond. It's so relaxing, and it really helps me refocus. I also love to work out or run, and I love to get lost in a god book.
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  • For me it is sitting down with a coffee or snack and reading a book..
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  • Being a single mom to 3, ages 2,6 and 8 is stressful to say the least. I couldn't get through the week without 2 things: my Yoga practice(even if I have to sneak in a short 15 minute work out, it helps!) and nature.....getting outside, walking, weeding, the beach, hiking, whatever we can do outside is very therapeutic for me
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Debra Ferrie on 16th July 2009
  • Driving. I don't know why but I really love to drive. Even with the kids in the car, I feel a sense of relief when we are on the road going somewhere fun.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Katherine on 10th September 2009
  • I walk on my lunch break with my MP3 players, which helps at work. At night when everything is done I loooove to wind down by playing my Wii. Especially Mario Kart. Like the above person, I find a sense of relief. It's so fast-paced that I can't worry about anything else and it's a break from thinking about the to-do list. I stop a 1/2 hour or so before bed, and often read, too. It's a good recipe for relief for me.
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  • When I am stressed, getting outside for a brisk walk or playing in the flower garden is a MUST
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  • When I am stressed I just like to get a little alone time. Taking a walk or a bike ride is a really good stress reliever. Sitting on the back porch reading and maybe a coffee or hot cocoa, or even just getting away to the store while dad takes care of things at home.
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