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What's your favorite de-stresser?

  • I exercise! It is by far the best thing that I can do to get it all out if you know what I'm saying! lol
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Karie Yeck Daniel on 25th June 2013
  • I go to my Rock!
    When I first met my day I was overwhelmed with a project and when he asked me where I was ...he found me on a rock overlooking a bay by my house. The bay was quiet and peaceful and I always found the answers I was looking for. We have since moved and now I walk up a hill that has a view of the bay and the entire ocean......and there is another BIG rock I can perch myself on .....I find great peace in nature and in the stillness I can truly hear the answers I am searching for as if they are coming right from the lips of GOD to my ears......

    ~ Mona
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Busy Mom Mentor on 18th July 2013

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