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husband's suppot for part time work?

  • I have a wonderful 22 month old. I work full time, and I still miss my daughter immensely while I am at work. (I have been waiting and waiting for it to get better. It hasn't.) My marriage is rocky at best. We are seeing a marriage counselor and I have high hopes. She suggested to us that I work part time, so I can spend more time with my daughter and not feel guilty when I go out without her. My husband is not supportive of the idea (to put it mildly). Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do? Thanks.
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  • i guess it would depend on why he isnt supportive. is it because it would be very hard financially? it could just be that he sees it as you getting something you want and he isnt getting something he wants. the counselor should be able to help with finding the root cause of some of this. If you really want to be home, you will find a way that works best for your family!

    I actually enjoy working and being at work, but a big part of that is due to the support of my husband and the awesome awesome awesome daycare that my son has attended since he was 6 months old. before he went there, i was NOT happy and did not like the day care he was in - having this one has made a huge difference. the teachers there really helped out a lot!

    let us know how it goes!
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  • Thanks for you response. You are exactly right-he thinks why should I get to work less if he doesn't. But in the next breath tells me he wants me to be happy and I should do what I want and he will do anything for our family.
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