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Hi all - new to the group!

  • I'm new to the site, and the group. I recently started blogging, with a focus on my insights and commentary as a young 'corporate' mother - on both the mothering side and the corporate side, and am looking to meet new online friends (working moms) with similar interested, as it is quite lonely to write a blog and have no one to share it with! :)

    Rather than write something all new about me, I'll share my 'About Me' profile from my blog - because it really says it all:

    I am what you might call a ‘Corporate Mom’… strategically navigating through busy corporate work days with a growing company and meeting the needs of clients around the globe, AND basking in the love and joy of my beautiful family the rest of the time.

    But what is more interesting about me is that I am a young mother in a corporate world. I gave birth to my son when I was 20, just 2.5 months after graduation from my post-secondary program. When my son was just two months old, I was offered a golden opportunity to work from home in a supportive coaching and consulting position.

    My son is now almost four, and I have worked hard to make a name for myself and move through the corporate ranks. I am now a senior consult with the firm I started with, having observed and contributed to the company’s growth, am a member of the firm’s internal management team, and sit on the board for our premier local non-profit business-oriented organization. I am in my mid-twenties. I want other young women (and men) with big dreams, especially those who chose not to wait to start their families, to see that it really can be done – you just have to have the will, the ambition and the faith to keep going.
  • hello! Great to see you here :) I also think it's important to share information with other corporate moms.

    I can't wait to read more! I am a corporate mom too and have a 3 year old. Nice that you got to grow with a small company and help make them globally successful!! I work for a huge global company but it was pretty well established when i started ;)
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