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Hi Moms!

  • Hi Dallas/Ft. Worth moms! We live in Lantana, just north of Flower Mound. I recently started working from home as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and LOVE it! Would love to be able to meet some more moms in the area!
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  • Hi, I started working a month ago from home with Melaleuca the Wellness Company! Melaleuca has over 350 everyday products all with a wellness-edge to them guaranteed to be more effective, safer, and more cost-effective than the store brands. You can open up your wholesale shopping account for $1 by January 21st! Could you do me a favor and watch our Preferred Customer Overview at Just click on GUEST AREA at the bottom and choose the RECORDED COMPANY PRESENTATION AND OVERVIEW. The password is wellness. Then click on VIEW PRESENTATION! Thank you so much! Please message me here after you have watched the video. I would love to have you as my preferred customer and show you how Melaleuca can enhance your life too!

    Connecting From Home
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