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Start Work??

  • Hi. I have recently been going to a few lob interviews just to see whats out there and I found a position I really would like but an conflicted about leaving my son full time at a daycare. He has started one a few weeks ago for play and socialization about 6 hours a week and I really like his at home day care. I mainly started looking beacause I feel I need to get out a little and have some time to myself and ofcourse the extra money would help us beacause were pretty much making ends meet with me staying at home. I also want to relieve some of my husbands stress. So I dont know if im being selfish to want to make more money so life is easier at the expence of missing so much of my sons day! Help! Any advice of moms who feel the same way???
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by shelly11 on 5th August 2009

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