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Toddler bed - falling out

  • Anyone know how long it takes for children to get used to a toddler bed and stop falling out? We recently transitioned my son to a "big boy bed" which he absolutely loves (no problems getting him in it for now--knock on wood). But, he has fallen out of bed every night for a week. How long will this go on before he figures out how to stay in bed while he's sleeping? It's not an issue or hurting him--startling for sure, but not far for him to fall. Just curious how long I should anticipate the 2 am THUMP!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by BrendaG on 20th August 2009
  • hmm, ours had railings on the sides that were about a foot long, kept his head in so if his feet fell out he wouldnt fall out completly. although he has fallen out completly a couple of times. I used to move him over right before I went to bed just incase he rolled over in the middle of the night. One time he fell out right on the dog that was sleeping beside his bed, the dog didnt move the entire night. that morning, the poor dog had this look on his face like, Help me please! good thing he is a big german shepard.
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