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Toddler Bed?

  • My son is 2 1/2. He is still in his crib. When did you move your child to a toddler or twin size bed? He doesn't try to climb out, but if he did, he would probably be able to.

    Just looking to get some ideas. Thanks ladies.
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  • Mine just turned two and we are still debating over this. He doesn't know how to crawl out of the crib and I am not wanting to transition for the sheer fact that we get a peaceful nights sleep right now and I'm not quite ready to give that up! My friend had to transition her son at 18 months because he broke his arm climbing out of the crib, however, she didn't sleep for a couple of weeks after the transition because he would just get out of the bed repeatedly. So I guess it depends on the child.
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  • hey! we moved our son to a pulled out 'full' size futon when he was 2.5 - and he doesn't get out (he was three in june!) I choose this bed because it is lower to the ground (he did fall out a couple of times!) and it's bigger than a twin. Plus when he is older it can be folded up as a couch.
    Our son was not a climber out of the crib type and he doesn't get out of bed at night either. He would actually call for us to come get him in the mornings! they stick to the same routine;) Recently (couple of months?) he gets up in the morning and comes into our room. but usually after playing quietly in his bed for a while and he got tired of waiting for us LOL!

    good luck!
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  • The routine thing is good to know. Mine always plays by himself for about a half hour (we can hear him) before he starts to cry out for us. Hopefully that will remain the same when we switch!
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  • Thanks for the advise. He tried to climb out the other day and if I wasn't there to get his leg back in, he could have gotten out and fallen. I'm just not sure I'm ready for this yet LOL
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  • We converted our 2 year old son's crib to a toddler bed after he climbed out of the crib 2 days in a row (nap time). He surprised us because he didn't try climbing out of his new bed at all! In fact, he loved his new bed. I read him storied each night and then said, "ok, I'm turning out the light, so close your eyes and go to sleep." And he actually would!!! I was very pleasantly surprised. In fact, when he would wake up he wouldn't get out of bed, he would still call for us to come and get him out of bed. It was as if there was an invisible barrier around his bed. Recently though, I went out of town for a couple weeks, and since daddy sleeps harder than a rock, our son learned that he could climb into our bed in the middle of the night and not have to go back. We'r trying to break that habit now. We just ave to stick to our guns to remind him that he has his own bed that he should be sleeping in. He's soooo stealthy though. :-)
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  • Oh wow, that's great. I usually hear horror stories that they don't want to stay in their own beds. Thank you so much made me feel a little better about this.
    have a great day.
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  • No Problem! Keep us posted on the progress once you make the switch.
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  • I bought my daughter a convertible crib. This way she gets to use it when she gets older. Right now, she's using her crib as a toddler bed. She's 3 and she's comfortable in it. I guess because she feels that taking out one side isn't much of a transition, and she feels more grown up. I guess my daughter and TylerLeigh's son feel the same way?

    Here's how my daughter's toddler bed looks like:

    I love the rich color. (I just noticed the price point. If I found this 4 years ago, I would've bought this one myself).
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  • Okay, we did it. We converted the bed and guess what? All of our fears were for nothing. He got so excited when he saw us changing it that he started singing the nap time song and trying to lay down in it. I had to pry him off the bed so my husband could finish it. He laid right down for bed and slept the whole night. The weird part was that for the week prior to changing it, he was freaking out every night and wanting me to hold his hand through the crib. Once we changed it, he was fine! He didn't get out once and he stayed in the bed the next morning until we went to get him. A good safety precaution that we took, though, was putting up the baby gate right outside his door just incase he were to try to get out. We don't want him wandering into the rest of the house and get hurt.
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