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New here :o)

  • I just joined today. I am looking to just be happier in general. I have a nice job. 3 great kids (all in school from pk to 3rd grade). Wonderful husband.
    Still I find the frustrations of the day leave me feeling overwhelmed by the time I get home. From dropping kids off at school, dealing with traffic, work (my job is not 'that' stressful), traffic back, picking up kids, home chores etc. I KNOW i have a good life. I just want to learn how to let go of stresses and be a little happier.

    Any good tips on finding that inner peace?
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  • Welcome, glad you found us:)

    I only have one child - she is 5 - and my husband and I are stressed out a lot, so my hat is off to you for dealing with 3:)

    Check out this section all about stress-reducing tips for busy working moms - we tried to pull together some of the best member tips from WIM:

    I hope it can be helpful!
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  • Hi there! I feel you..actually I'm not sure if you have any beliefs but I found a wonderful Christian church in my neighborhood and focus on what we learn. I wake up every morning (mostly) and thank God for all our blessings as I know it could be worse. Hope this helped! :)
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  • Hey, sounds like we are in the same situration. My son is not yet even two and I get calls at work that he was fighting some four year old boy and busted the boy's lip! My work is very stressful and my husband works in the same field so the last thing I want to hear about when I get home is his day. How I find sanity is when the weather is nice, going for a walk (yes it sounds corny but it works) to clear my head or I tell my husband I need 45 minutes to listern to music uninterrupted. The uniterrupted part is important! I've also worked out a night off during the week. After dinner on what ever night of the week you want, Your husband and the kids all leave the house to do something for atleast a hour. This way you have the house completely to your self. Hope this helps!
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  • This was one of the topics as part of a marriage conferece series my husband and I listened to on CD. As a mom, you are expected to give constantly: give to your husband, give to your children, give to your work, give to your community, give to your friends/ parents, etc.

    Unfortunately, we forget that in order to be able to give, we have to fill our own tank. You need to find out what helps to fill your tank and discuss with your spouse what he can do to help. Depending on your love language, it may be him taking care of dinner some nights or a specific chore (acts of service), it may be scheduling a date night once a week (quality time)...

    And try to find also what helps YOU to relax, whether listening to music, pampering yourself or taking a hot bubbly bath, meditating... Once you find what that is, you will just have to SCHEDULE that time to do the thing that helps you relax, recharge and in turn, being able to better give to your family. It may be first thing in the morning or after the kids are in bed, but hopefully it will help!
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  • I am also new here, so I wanted to say hi and tip my hat to you. I have a two year old and feel guilty saying how exhausted I am most days with one child. I have recently become a very avid practicer of yoga and meditation. I know, those are the most basic ideas of stress relief, but those 10 minutes I take at lunch to recenter myself help me through my day. I love that you realize that you have a good life, so many just focus on the bad, and dont' have a realistic view of their own life. You are one step closer to finding that inner peace just by seeking it out.

    Many happy wishes to you that you find what you are looking for, and remember, for us it all lies in different places, often times a good place to start is by doing what makes you happy as often as you can carve out time to do so. Just a side note, but one example is this... in college I remembered my happiest calmest times to be in pottery class, so I've recently started working with clay at home again. I dont' have a kiln or other pieces to really become someone who produces pottery, but then again, that isnt the point is it ;) Good luck from one mom to another~
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