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We are still sleeping with our 2 year old boy!

  • Just wanted to know if there are other parents out there still sleeping with their kids?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KyootClothing on 8th November 2009
  • We did not used to, but our super good sleeper decided she hated her crib around 2. She is 2.5 years old now and we have been dragging our heals transitioning her into her own big girl bed. I started reading that it is sooo common for babies or toddlers to be in your bed and to consider how you feel about it yourself and not what others will think of it. I am stressing less and just enjoying the snuggling and I know one way or another she will transition. Kids have been doing this since the beginning of time and isn't it only natural that they want to be near their loved ones? Certainly the cave babies did not sleep in a separate cave! Lol But I understand concerns about creating independence and also it can be inconvenient to have them in bed with you. Sorry to ramble, but you are far from alone. What are your specific concerns?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Fiona's Mommy on 7th July 2012

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