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Can we have it all?

  • I'm a driven, FT-working mom of two toddlers (4 and 2). I'd like to continue working and promoting to higher positions. My husband is in the navy and is not home all the time. My questions is, we've always dreamt of having 4 kids... but not sure if we can handle more. I'm feeling apprehensive that I'll overload myself especially when he's not home. I am the type of person that tries to fit in everything in my schedule (exercise, time with the kids, social time with friends, date nights) and so far, it seems to be working out fine. Will having more than two kids complicate this ideal routine that I've already established for myself and family?
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  • My twin girls are now thirteen years old and one thing I have learned, is that routines change right when we get comfortable. As the children move through their different development stages, their needs change, and we, as parents, have to adjust.
    Nobody knows better than you what your needs, expectations, and limitations are. If you find yourself questioning how much more you can handle while maintaining a sense of well being and balance, then you may want to give yourself the time and space to think and plan carefully.
    You seem to know yourself well. Trust your instincts, share your thoughts with your husband, and evaluate your support system. Remember, when mama is happy then everyone is happy.
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