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Looking for lunch buddies in Columbia SC

  • Lunch time is my only time to connect with my girlfriends and well I am looking for some girlfriends that are trying to juggle it all like me. Most of my gf are stay at home mom's and I feel I have more in common with their husbands than with them anymore. It's starting to get a little lonely, not having anyone to share the challenges of a full time job and household with a smile on my face. I find that by 6pm I am the picture perfect 50's mom with apron and pears but what is not said in the picture is that my feet are killing me, my face hurts from smiling, and I’d kill to have the 5 minutes it takes to change into something more comfortable to make dinner and roll around on the floor. Oh and we wont talk about the bags under my eyes from staying up to finish reports and laundry.
    I know I should be doing more multi tasking at lunch but I also realize I need the down time.
    But if you ask me, YES it's worth it! ~ well today it is!
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  • WOW! Wish I lived in SC to be your lunch buddy! That's the first time I've heard my life told right back to me in a very long time! I'm Cathy, new to blogging and in Pittsburgh (unfortunately not Columbia).
    However, your comment of having more in common w/your gf's husbands is something I've felt, well for as long as I've had kids I think.
    Even those that work seem only to be working part-time and so their challenges are not quite mine. I agree, all worth it....but certainly nice to speak with someone who understands that your day begins w/both kids and work running through your mind at the same time.
    Nice to meet you!
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