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Tips for Creating a Work Schedule Around Kids

  • Anyone got any good tips for creating a work schedule at home? I have three small kids and run my own Scentsy candles business. I'm trying to come up with a solid schedule, but one that can still be somewhat flexable. Thanks!
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  • I wrote down my schedule for each week. (Used my microsoft program) Planning my week just as I would at the office. I included what my children would be doing also on the schedule.
    Good Luck!
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  • Hi Wendy....I also sell Scentsy, work full time and have 5 kids (triplets at home) the other two are in college. You said your kiddos are small.....mine are 7yo and I have gotten them involved in my Scentsy business! they know all the fragrances and names of the warmers...they are my little " walking advertisements" all the teachers and friend's moms order from me because they have told them about it....they love to help me sort and bag the products, then we go out together and deliver them. When I have a really big order and they help me with it I give them the option of going out for a treat to say "Thanks" or a give them a few $ for them to save for something special. I have tried to incorporate lessons about owning a business and customer service into terms they can understand. Since I work full time during the week I have to block time out on the weekends for least when I do use that precious time I am sharing the experience with my girls :)
    Goodluck with your Scentsy business!!!
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  • Thanks for the good info, ladies!
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