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Need Reassurance!

  • Hey Girls! I am new to the site and actually found it by typing in working mom to find some support. I'm sure you all know that sometimes other people just don't get how hectic working full time as a mom can get...that's where I am now. I am a second grade teacher and have a wonderful 18-month-old daughter and a great fiance. I had a really rough year with my behavior problems in class and find that I am constantly exhausted. The hard thing for me is that I feel guilty that I can't seem to balance everything and my fiance can. He's hinted that I'm always in a bad mood towards him or too tired to do things. As soon as the alarm goes off, our day is hectic! I find that I don't even have the energy at the end of the day to get my daughters meals ready for the next day and I keep thinking she's not getting healthy foods because I can't prepare things fresh! I'm just really overwhelmed and feel like no one understands that it can get to be too much sometimes. Hope to meet some new friends! Thanks for letting me rant!
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  • I joined this site today for the same reason. I am all the time running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to balance every thing under the sun. I stay over whelmed you are not alone. As far as bad moods go, I know im in one most of the time. I struggle to get through the day without crying. Men, or anyone else, in the life of a busy working mom do not understand that sometimes we just need a simple little break. Take a time out for yourself! Get your nails done or go for a walk alone. Gather your strengh then jump back into it. Everyone needs and deserves a little down time.
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  • You are definately not alone. I work three days a week, and those three days are soooo exhausting. I work 8 hour days but have an hour commute each way and kids that go to two different places. I have not worked full time since the girls were born, and I honestly can't imagine keeping up the pace I have for a full week. Hats off to you full time working moms, it really is tiring. I think we also put alot of pressure on ourselves to feel like we are providing the perfect home life along with working which is really tough! Especially the cooking part, not on my priority list at this point but it is hard not to feel like I need to do better. I hope it gets better for you, but no you are not alone. I try to stay positive, but honestly by wednesday I am usually at the end of my rope.
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