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Tell me your story! What made you decide to start your business?

  • Let's share our stories. What is the reason why you decided to start your own business? The spark that ignited for me was my desire to help more people on my own terms, and create a new life of freedom and prosperity. I am an educator by profession where I help students be successful in college. My career had been satisfying up to a certain point, but then I realized one day that I was bored, and unfulfilled, and felt like my job was holding me back from "becoming." I wanted to express myself in a whole new way, but the job limited my ability to reinvent myself. So I had three options: ignore how I was feeling and just settle, seek employment elsewhere, or create a new life of freedom, prosperity and most of all, greater purpose. I chose the latter!! I am gifted in helping people reach their most important goals. I wanted to do more of that on a much much broader scale, in this case as the business success for women, helping women launch a new service based business while they work ( I chose to re-aligned with my Divine design and life plan, and I'm enjoying the journey :) What's your story?”
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  • Well, it started with the recession. Things started getting more expensive and I started to see the writing on the wall. I began applying for jobs and even with a Master's Degree, I couldn't find anything. After about 6 months, I decided I needed to find some work at home jobs. Of course, in my heart, that is what I preferred all along. I wanted to stay home with my kids.

    Now my goal is to just bring my husband home more. To make it more comfortable for him so that he can spend more time with family and less time working.

    I found Ameriplan and I love it. I love the flexibility and making money with residual pay whether I work or not. It truly is a great opportunity. I am glad that none of that other stuff worked out.

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  • I made the jump 15 years ago because my boss (the company owner) gave me a glowing performance review. He outlined a big future for me with the company, said I would be given more responsibility, elevated to an important title. I would be one of the three VIP executives within 5 years.

    I wish I were making all that up.

    Because he ended with "and you're worth twice your salary, but unfortunately the sales department isn't doing its job. As soon as they get a clue, we'll give you that raise." I'd been there 3 years already, making a grand total of $25,000 (and this was in the mid-90s, so that was still a SUCKY wage). I figured why wait for someone else to get their act together if I were that good?!

    I went out on my own two months later, and that company went out of business a year later. And I ended up with a salary that exceeded what he thought I was worth. LOL
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