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Making your own baby food

  • To all moms thinking about making their own baby food and those who decided to do it, here are several reasons why you want to consider doing this:
    1) Economical - do you know that jarred food costs up to $4 or 5 a pound?
    2) Environmental – how many jars or plastic containers does the average baby go through his/her first year?
    3) Tasteful – have you ever tasted baby food?
    4) Easy – no need for expensive food processors and other accessories; use your current kitchen tools
    5) You can do it, even if you’re a full-time mom and even if you’re not a trained chef

    To get started, read my post where I share my tips as a super busy mom who managed to make her own baby food for both of her kids. And today they eat every kind of food because of it!

    If you’re a mom who is making her own baby food, would you mind sharing your best tips with the other moms?

    Thank you!

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