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Struggling with going back to work

  • Hello All,
    I have a 3 yr old son and an 8 yr old daughter. I was blessed to only have to use daycare on a limited basis in the 8 yrs that I have been a mom. I used it for 1 yr when my daughter was first born but then stayed home and worked part time jobs for the longest time.

    When I became pregnant with my son (now 3 yrs old), I started to work for my sister in laws company that she ran out of her home. It was a few blocks from my home and it allowed me to be a full time Mommy. To make it short, that worked for 3 yrs but no longer does.

    I am forced to find a new job, which in turn forces me to put my children into daycare. My 8 yr old is very excited about this new adventure. She is VERY outgoing and friendly. My son is outgoing also ONLY if Mommy is around. He has been joined at my hip since birth.

    I found the daycare I am going to send him to and it is really nice. I am just so scared and worried that he wont adjust to it.

    Everyone says the daycare will be good structure for him and will also prepare him for school since they run the center very similar to a small school (only the center includes naptime unlike school,lol). They say I will probably take it worse than him.

    I am just dreading August 1 of my babies being in daycare........ : (

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  • Hi Jen,
    I hope the daycare is going well.
    I had a hard time putting my second son in daycare, and now he is 10 and he still remembers daycare as being fun and exciting. He misses all the teachers and the cook. They were good to him. As long as you did your research on the facility, I'm sure your child will have just as much fun too!
    good luck
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  • Hi Jen,

    I'm just seeing this post, so I hope it's going well for your son. I can understand completely. When I had to take my daughter to daycare, I cried for days about it. But now, 4 years later, she remembers all the fun things about her experience there. Sometimes it's harder on us than the kids. They can be so resilient.

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