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Short Intense Workouts that will change your life!!

  • Hi Working Moms,

    To all those moms out there that don't like the idea of exercising for 45 minutes, or even 1/2 hour, because there is so much else to do. Like homework... and prepping lunch the night before... and dinner.... and bedtime rituals.... and time allotted to hugs and kisses for the tiny ones in our lives that we just can't hug and kiss enough....

    OK, so that was a grammatically inappropriate sentence. But seriously... will change your perspective on working out. And if you stick with the workouts, it will change you. I have been following the site's creator, Zuzana, since July of this year. I love the short workouts, the variety, and the wealth of information available on her website for home workouts.

    No equipment is required. Typically bodyweight exercises, often intervals involved, and mostly 12 minutes long. I can attest to the fact that they leave your heart racing and you will drip sweat.

    I have nothing to gain from this, but the excitement of knowing someone else will be benefiting from this site like I did. Totally free, did I mention?? It's awesome, ladies.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by NJMom on 18th October 2010
  • This is exactly what I have been looking for NJMOM! Thank you for posting this. I will check this out this evening once I get home.
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