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Need advice from other moms/business owners--photo contest for business launch

  • I am in the process of launching my new child/mom product online and I am considering running a photo contest through my own web site and facebook using wildfire apps (great little app company I have used for marketing my other clients). I plan to give away a free product of mine (which is a handmade custom photographic kids dressing valet), see for an understanding of what I make/sell) but would like to also include something like a $100 gift certificate to something else...

    I'm thinking a spa gift certificate that is local to the winner?? or a gift certificate to a local photography place since that relates to my own product??

    I'd rather stay away from a mass consumption retail outlet (like Walmart) because I hand make my product and therefore think I should support something similar in the contest.

    My product is all about two things: (1) making a mom's morning a little easier along with (2) a total personalized look of the item.

    Any suggestions/advice. What would you want to win?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Me-Do Kids Mom on 12th November 2010
  • I think the spa gift certificate is a great idea. I know if you buy them through the SPa Finder website then you can use it at any of the spas who are affiliated with them. Good luck!

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