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Will e-Readers replace paper books?

  • I really love books. My shelves are filled with them. Interestingly enough, that is one of the reasons I love my e-Reader so much. Unlimited virtual book shelf space. All I need is another card to store them on. So, do you think that e-Readers will replace paper books eventually, or do you think people will buy both?
  • I think people will buy both but I think the curve will lean towards e-Readers. They are so easy to carry around. I'm all for something that's convenient.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by kristinpeoples on Wednesday
  • I would hate to see books go the way of the cassette tape, but now even DVDs are becoming obsolete!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jengray on Wednesday
  • I think they will, I just got an e-reader and LOVE IT. Everything is going digital these days.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Angie on 30th December 2010

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