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Have an e-Reader Yet? Why/Why Not?

  • Have you made the jump to an e-Reader? Why/Why Not? I just got mine a few days ago and I love it. It doesn't replace books altogether - at least yet :)
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by kristinpeoples on 22nd December 2010
  • I got a kindle for Christmas and LOVE IT!!! I do think there is something to sitting down and reading a book and fliping the page and thought I may miss that if I got an e-reader, but so far have not missed it. I love that you are able to carry so many book with you at once and it fits in your purse or bag.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Angie on 30th December 2010
  • Don't have one--yet. Was not planning on getitng one because a) love the feel/smell of the book and b) most of my books are from the library. I was tossing the idea around--opinions wanted--kindle or nook? And are all the downloads expensive ($9.99 and up)?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mothers Workbook on 6th January 2011

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