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How do I get my 8-year-old to enjoy reading?

  • My 8-year-old son is a very good reader, but he despises sitting down to do it. It breaks my heart because I love to read, and I just can't figure out how to teach him to at least enjoy it. When I make him read to earn video game time, I think it just makes him resent it even more.
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  • Try getting a book that you can both read. I still read to my kids at night and they love it. So, I will usually read a paragraph and then they will read a paragraph. It takes longer to finish the book but at least they are reading.

    Another tip I can share is finding books he is interested in. Perhaps there's a book on a particular subject that he would enjoy, ie video games and how they're made, etc. How about magazines? As long as he is reading that's all that matters:) Hope this helps:)
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  • Thanks, Dr. Mommy! This past summer he discovered illustrated novels at the library, and those are what he checked out nearly every week. I'll have to see if I can locate some of those in the school library and steer him that way.
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  • There are great books age appropiate for your son. Find a subject that he likes (for example my kid loves pirates and I read pirates stories with him) and this will got his attention.
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  • Take him to a library. Try to make it a competition.
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