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Moms TORN between kids and career

  • Hi everyone. I'm new to Work It Mom! I'm publishing my first book this Spring (right around Mother's Day) about the dilemma of modern motherhood: "TORN: True Stories of Kids, Career & the Conflict of Modern Motherhood." You can pre-order it on I'd love your feedback as to whether or not you will buy/read it, and why. Thanks!
    Samantha Walravens
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  • I will read it just because the title rings so true to me. Aren't most moms today "torn" between work (or some form of work) and motherhood? We try to be everything to everybody, and we just can't do it. Kudos to the author for bringing this important topic to the forefront!
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  • I saw this video about the book on YouTube, and it is amazing! -- I will read the book because of this video alone. How sad about the mom who is serving in Iraq-- away from her little girls for a whole year. I can't imagine.
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