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What do you make for dinner after a long day working?

  • After an exhausting day working, how do you handle dinner? What do you cook when you just have 15 min or less?
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  • During the winter, pasta--the longest part is waiting for the water to boil! During the summer, hamburgers on the grill (I cheat and buy the frozen ground sirloin patties that you don't have to defrost!)
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  • I am very fond of DiGiorno pizzas and frozen pasta dishes that you cook up in a skillet. I also try and make a couple of large dishes on the weekends that make good leftovers so that I have those for later in the week. As much as I hate to admit it I have to say that Rachel Ray and her new show "Week in a day" is awesome and has really helped me. I go through and make severl meals every couple of weeks on Sunday and we have food all week.
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  • my quickest is stirfry... made with microwave rice! Make the rice, toss it in a giant pan, add lots of frozen veggies, scramble a couple of eggs.. DONE! actually sometimes i add peanuts for crunch and protein (and of course soy sauce and ginger) and DONE in literally about 15 min or less... and so so so yummy!
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  • I have several "Make ahead Meals" that use similar ingredients, take hardly any time to prepare, and freeze well. Lasagna and pasta dishes work well. I freeze them so I have several frozen dinners that I can whip out and just throw in the oven.
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