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Do you use social media for work?

  • I know some people who think that facebook and its kind are just a way to while away your time, but I'm finding social media to be a great networking tool. Has that been your experience, or is the temptation to "play" too great?
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  • The temptation to "play"? I like games ... way too much apparently.
    However, I have found facebook in particular to be a decent networking tool, and has also helped me in other ways with my job. I am hyper careful though about what I post on my profile as it is public.
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  • Everyday I use a number of social media tools for work. I spend a lot of time on FB and Twitter and I think they are great for networking and promoting your business. There are a number of people, my husband is one, that think social media is just waisting time. They just don't understand what it is all about.
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  • Social media is definitely important for networking.
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  • Social networking a great networking tool. I am grateful for a new way to operate my business. I am not by nature a sales person nor am I a big fan of corporations, but I have found the perfect job as an IR for FHTM. FHTM is a direct sales company that allows IR's to sell products & services for big companies. I have become the middle man, I earn money when I make purchases & when other people do. I never could have taken on a business like this with out inbound marketing & social networking. It also makes my job fun, meeting new people, helping people with info, making friends, & expanding my business.
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