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Do you feel left out of groups because you are a working mom?

  • I attended a group when my kids were younger and it worked into my schedule. I would love to continue but they meet on a week day morning. They say they are all about moms but is that just sahm not workig moms, because how can us working moms make a 9am on Th meeting?
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  • I used to run a moms' site and I worked full time (still do)...I moved to a new area, just graduated college (I had my son at a young age during college) and wanted to meet new people. It's hard to connect with people who stay at home and can hang out past 5 if you have traditional work hours, but my advice would be just connect with a select few people and hang out with them. After running the moms group for 1.5 years, I quit. Because of it, I not have a small circle of close friends (others I can hang out on a whim w/) but I am very content. DOn't beat yourself up over not being able to make it to an early morning playdate, when there is other potential to hang out with other people at other times!
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  • My group of family/friends consists of all SAHMs... They cannot relate to me, working 40 hrs a week. We live in completely different worlds! Listening to their complaints about difficulties in time management, etc irritates me to no end because they don't have a clue. I have decided I must find a new group of WM friends that I can relate to.
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  • Yes - I would love to find a working mom group in my area. I've looked at play groups and such but all are geared toward SAHMs. When I've managed to work the occasional meeting/play date into my schedule (and FT for me is about 50-60 hours a week so that's tough) I feel looked down upon because I work.

    And I've found it really hard to even find any mommy/baby classes that meet on weekends. Luckily I found a kindermusik class that meets Saturdays, and we're all working moms. But no one seems to want to make friends...oh well
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  • Yes, I stayed home for one year maternity leave (lucky in Canada and took advantage of this finally with #4) and it was busy with 4 kids but nothing like being back at work. Stress level is totally different and sorry but SAHMs in my neighbourhood just don't understand the difference in time commitments and trying to find any 'quality time'. If I manage to find time to talk with other moms now, it needs to be with moms I can relate to. Nothing against the SAHM, beleive me if I had a choice I would be one too now (though I never wanted this before baby #4), but struggling to find my way back to being a working mom. Also, would love to find groups who have older kids too.
    Joined this site today as a way of hoping to connect with others on a flexible time schedule. Hope it will help keep my sanity.
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  • I often do feel left out because I work full time. I have been searching for a MOPS group in my area that doesn't meet during the week. My church offers one, but like many mommy groups, it is scheduled on a mid-week morning. I am unable to leave work to attend. I often feel alone and secluded because I don't have a network or a support group of other working moms. It seems like most groups are focused on SAHM and not working moms, who need just as much support!
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  • YES!!!!!! All the fun groups and classes for kiddos my son's age are during the week. I guess I understand, I mean there's no way they could possibly have every single kids group meet on Saturday to accommodate everyone, but it still really sucks. I've been trying to find some cheap art classes and stuff to do with my son through our Community Ed program or parks and rec, and they are all weekday mornings. Not fair!!
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