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Am I doomed?

  • Since I started my job in 2007 - I have had several tear-fests - many stemming from hormonal imbalances during infertiltiy treatment (3 failed IVFs, and all the hormones). I don't seem to have a good relationship now with a team that at some point I want to manage (maybe 2 yrs from this - current mgr is not retiring anytime soon). Have I ruined my chances of promotion by being emotional? I know I am also "outspoken" (read maybe a little queen B, but I am just outspoken I think) - will this cause me to be stuck where I am forever?”
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by CurvyD on 27th April 2011
  • Not necessarily. You still are employed with the company, therefore, you can make changes and hopefully turn things around for your career. Hormonal outbursts can definitely be tough to deal with. You know when you are having one, but you feel out of control of the situation, which makes it worse. I have been there due to hormone treatments for my Endomitriosis issues. Don't give up hope though. Discuss the issues with your doctor, explain to him/her that you have concerns as far as work, and moving up on the corproate ladder, and that you feel that the hormone treatments are playing a big part in the issues. Good luck! I hope everything works out for you in every aspect.
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