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relationships with non-working mothers

  • I am feeling "out of step" with old friends of mine who have not returned to full time work (as I did over a year ago). Our shared interests have diminished quite a bit because I simply do not have the time that they have to do certain things. They do not seem to care about career advancement or professional growth discussions, and I fear that they judge my return to work in general. At the same time, because I was home more when the children were younger, I do not identify fully with mothers who have always worked with kids either.

    Is there anyone out there who has returned to the workforce and had to transition? I am trying hard not to be bitter about my stay-at-home friends, but I am so envious that they are able to send their kids off to school every day and have at least some time that is their "own." I need a pep talk!
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  • Hi I just found this and can totally relate to your struggle. I had to return to full time work 3 years ago and am still kind of bitter. ;) my kids are 15, 12 & 10. Sounds easy but it's not because of their ages and maturity level they are too old for daycare too young to be totally on their own (15 year old not an appropriate sitter)
    Anyway let me know if you'd like to talk more.
    Take care
    Laura Harris
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